Glazed Lists

SWT Information

Glazed Lists can be used to populate SWT widgets.

Required Files

All files can be downloaded from the Eclipse website.

  • swt.jar, the appropriate version for your platform
  • jface.jar, from the Eclipse SDK at plugins/org.eclipse.jface_x.y.z/jface.jar
  • runtime.jar, from the Eclipse SDK at plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime_x.y.z/runtime.jar
  • SWT native libraries, which will be of type .dll on Windows, .jnilib on Mac, or .so on Linux.

Compiling Glazed Lists with SWT support

  • Set your CLASSPATH environment variable to include required .jar files.
  • Use the Ant target ant swt jar to create a glazedlists.jar file with SWT support.

SWT Issues Browswer

Run Java with the the class ca.odell.glazedlists.demo.issuebrowser.swt.IssuesBrowser. You'll need glazedlists.jar and all SWT resources on your classpath.

SWT Issues Browser