Glazed Lists 0.9.7 Release Notes

Glazed Lists 0.9.7 is a bug fix release that includes some convenient new list transformations.

Glazed Lists Features



Outstanding Issues in 0.9.7

24Add DeltaList for consistency with derivatives of WritableMutationList
140Potential DoS in Network Glazed Lists
225Multiple column sort is confusing and limited
249SWT VirtualTableHandler throws IndexOutOfBoundsException
247SWT Selection is broken on Mac

Issues Fixed Since 0.9.6

224Selection is lost on sort
217ThresholdList fires inconsistent events
233Virtual Tables can throw exceptions on filtering
245EventLists should not be Serializable
230SWT EventTableViewer delete updates are too slow.
215Clarify semantics of Iterator & ListIterator
154Swing - selection inversion (to be on par with SWT)


Glazed Lists 0.9.7 is provided with no warranty under the LGPL license. The license allows you to distribute Glazed Lists free of charge in a commercial or closed source application. It does not allow you to create a fork of Glazed Lists that is closed-source.


Glazed Lists, Copyright © 2003-2005, O'Dell Engineering Ltd.