Google Code Search IntelliJ plugin

I'm thinking about developing an IntelliJ plugin that does Google Code Search.
  • This will let me try out some new Glazed Lists features in a fun way.
  • IntelliJ is good
  • Google Code search is good

What are some potential uses?

  1. Whenever I'm using a new API (like EasyMock or WebWork) I like to look at other code that uses the API to see if there's any patterns or convenience methods that I might have missed.
  2. If I'm using an open source library without its sources attached, it would be great to look through the source easily!

What could it look like?
As mentioned in Weiqi's blog, the interface could be as simple as a checkbox in the 'find usages' dialog.

Or perhaps CTRL+SHIFT+G to initiate a Google Code search, not unlike CTRL-N for find-usages? Perhaps if I'm really tricky it could load the relevant source code right into your IDEA editor!

What about a general index for source control repositories...
It wouldn't be unreasonable to write other tools to go along with this. Searching open source is nice, but for big IT projects it would be great to search the company's entire version control system. Perhaps somebody could write a tool that indexes an arbitrary source control system?

For example, I once worked on the client side of a client-server project. For this project, I didn't have the serverside code checked out on my local client. But occasionally this could have proven quite useful! For example, if I wanted to track down a bug, it might have been useful to have quick access to the backend source code, right in my IDE.