HP Scanner software sucks, so does

I need to send some confidential documents to the immigration team at my new job. So I scan the documents on my girlfriend's HP Scanner, then use the 'email' function to send the documents to myself. The software asks my email address, I tell it. Life is good.

But instead of emailing the photos, it uploads them to, HP's photo-printing service. My confidential documents are now available for the world to see on their site, but I never approved of it. Anyone with the correct URL can now steal my passport number, social security number and rip me off. I hate them already.

So I try to take down the photos off But I don't have a account! Entering my email address in their "forgot my password" form seems to work, but they send me a bogus email with a password that doesn't work! Eventually I email their tech support, but they're incompetent and can't figure out how to close my account. My passport and social security number are still there, and I can't do anything about it. I hate them passionately.

Other reason why sucks:
  • You have to pay to download full resolution pictures, even though I scanned them on my own bloody scanner
  • Every time a picture is uploaded, they steal a little kids puppy and kill it in front of him*.