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After buying something at, I was presented a link labelled, "get $25 back from your purchase". I clicked the link without reading the fine print that it accompanied:
  • This click caused my my Visa number to be sent from to
  • This enrolled me in the "Great Fun Online" service, which rebills $10 monthly to my Visa

    Shit! I found a scam. I would have expected a little more to the sign up process for the $120/yr. service:

  • being told upfront what the service costs
  • being told upfront what the service is
  • having to reenter my Visa number
  • clicking an "I accept rebilling" button

    So I looked for the "Cancel Membership" button. There was none on the entire site.

    I decided to use their feedback form to attempt to cancel. I typed in my email address and membership number and pleaded for them to cancel my account. This resulted in an autoresponder email message, "you cannot cancel via email, you must call this 1-800 number only available Monday to Friday".

    So I called the 1-800 number today, being the first Monday after my signup. After a maze of automated messages and prompts I finally got in touch with an operator:
    Jesse: I'd like to cancel my account
    Operator: Membership number?
    Jesse: 7842312387
    Operator: Last name?
    Jesse: W-I-L-S-O-N
    Operator: Address?
    Jesse: 15175 southwest Walker Unit C
    Operator: Zipcode?
    Jesse: 97006
    Operator: Ok, I can't find your account.
    Jesse: I've got a membership number here. 7842312387.
    Operator: 7842312387. No such account exists. When did you create your account?
    Jesse: Saturday, two days ago.
    Operator: Oh. Your account isn't active in our system yet. It takes 72 hours to become active, and it can't be cancelled until its active.
    Jesse: Okay. So could you do me a favor?
    Operator: Sure.
    Jesse: Write yourself a note on a piece of paper, "Cancel 7842312387 Tuesday"
    Operator: Oh I can't do that, It's against company policy.
    Jesse: You can't? Why not?
    Operator: Company policy says that you can't cancel an account within 72 hours.
    Jesse: Can I talk to the policy maker?
    Operator: No.
    Jesse: Can I talk to a manager?
    Operator: No.
    Jesse: So I have to call back tomorrow?
    Operator: Yes, please do.
    Jesse: Bye!

    Moral of the story? I'm still a member of greatfunonline, even though I've tried to cancel it two different ways. Sucks to me.

    Do not spend your money with or