Glazed Lists Developer

About Us

Glazed Lists Developer is for anyone who got through the Glazed Lists tutorial and is thirsty for more.

This project isn't about charging for user documentation. The Glazed Lists tutorial, FAQ and mailing lists will always be free and active so you can use Glazed Lists effectively without this magazine. This is something different, something more. This magazine exists to go beyond user documentation and to explore topics that interest Glazed Lists developers.

In the spirit of the O'Reilly Hacks series, Glazed Lists Developer is about the cool things you can do with Glazed Lists. It's our Google Labs where we can explore and experiment with our own APIs and share our discoveries with you, the reader.

What can you expect from Glazed Lists Developer? Each issue shall cover a particular theme. You'll find advanced usage, what's under the hood and even code for sample projects. Each issue will include Java classes that compliment Glazed Lists. All code shall be public domain for you to use in your projects as you see fit.

What do you get for $2.00 USD?

  • A high quality PDF suitable for printing
  • Code and Javadocs for all articles and projects
  • Extra stuff! Issue 1 includes two sorted header icons.

    We hope you enjoy our magazine as much as we enjoy working on it. If you have any feedback or even an idea for an article, please let us know!

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