Glazed Lists 1.7.0 Release Notes

Glazed Lists 1.7.0 represents a combination of crucial performance bug fixes and incremental development in focussed areas.

Performance has been improved markedly across the board over 1.6.1 by addressing inefficiencies within ListEventAssembler. A new ListEventPublisher implementation also improves speed and handles dependencies between ListEventListeners more elegantly than its predecessor.

Requested features from our users have also been added in key areas. A new multimap implementation can be used overtop of GroupingLists if optimized reads are desirable and the data changes infrequently. AutoCompleteSupport has been improved to work well with objects that do not implement .toString() in a convenient manner.

Glazed Lists now supports the Maven build system in addition to Ant.

Glazed Lists Features


Glazed Lists is distributed with support for either Java 1.5 Generics or Java 1.4 without Generics. Declawer, a source level translator, strips Generics from our source base at build time.

Generics for Java 1.5+

Java 1.4


Outstanding Issues in 1.7.0

140Potential DoS in Network Glazed Lists
247SWT Selection is broken on Mac
248SWT TableComparatorChooser broken on Mac
249SWT VirtualTableHandler throws IndexOutOfBoundsException
310TableComparatorChooser breaks when TableModel is changed

Issues Fixed Since 1.6.0

96Multiple sources for CollectionList
306Maven support
338Change modes on ListSelection
346SortedList performance problem
349ListEventPublisher complains of contradicting events
353update problem in JSeparatorTable/SeparatorList
354Problem with TreeDeltas in version 1.6
356CompositeList enhancements


Glazed Lists is distributed under your choice of two popular open source licenses, the LGPL and the MPL.

  • You may distribute Glazed Lists free of charge
  • You may use Glazed Lists in a commercial or closed source application
  • You may not create a closed-source fork of Glazed Lists
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