Glazed Lists 1.6.0 Release Notes

Glazed Lists 1.6.0 introduces extensions. Extensions are rich bindings with other popular open source projects, which include JFreeChart, JGoodies Forms, KTable, and SwingLabs. It also introduces the ability to decorate the standard Swing JComboBox component with autocompletion features just like the address bar in FireFox. Finally, the underpinnings of ListEventAssembler were refactored to increase the overall performance of Glazed Lists pipelines.

Glazed Lists Features


Glazed Lists is distributed with support for either Java 1.5 Generics or Java 1.4 without Generics. Declawer, a source level translator, strips Generics from our source base at build time.

Generics for Java 1.5+

Java 1.4


Outstanding Issues in 1.6.0

140Potential DoS in Network Glazed Lists
247SWT Selection is broken on Mac
248SWT TableComparatorChooser broken on Mac
249SWT VirtualTableHandler throws IndexOutOfBoundsException
310TableComparatorChooser breaks when TableModel is changed

Issues Fixed Since 1.5.0

288KTable Support
292JGoodies Forms support
295Convenience methods for Matchers
305Replace ListEventBlocks with an IndexSnapshot-like thing
312FilterList constructor acquires write lock
316ListIterator causes memory leak on lists that don't change


Glazed Lists is distributed under your choice of two popular open source licenses, the LGPL and the MPL.

  • You may distribute Glazed Lists free of charge
  • You may use Glazed Lists in a commercial or closed source application
  • You may not create a closed-source fork of Glazed Lists
  • Developers

    Glazed Lists, Copyright © 2003-2006, O'Dell Engineering Ltd.