Glazed Lists 1.0.0 Release Notes

Glazed Lists 1.0.0 is a stable milestone release.

Migration from 0.9.x

This release includes some reorganization of the Glazed Lists API. We have worked hard to balance a clean API with the need for backwards compatibility.

A special package ca.odell.glazedlists.migrationkit includes classes that have otherwise been removed from Glazed Lists. This package allows you to migrate to 1.0.0 gradually. It is our intention to remove these migrationkit classes in a future release of Glazed Lists.

Please note the following changes when migrating your code from 0.9.x to 1.0.0:

AbstractFilterListReplaced by functionally equivalent FilterList. (also in migrationkit)
swing.TextFilterListReplaced by functionally equivalent TextComponentMatcherEditor. (also in migrationkit)
swt.TextFilterListReplaced by functionally equivalent TextComponentMatcherEditor. (also in migrationkit)
MatcherMoved to matchers package
TextMatcherEditorMoved to matchers package
ThresholdEvaluatorRenamed to ThresholdList.Evaluator
ThresholdList.getThresholdEvaluator()Renamed to ThresholdList.getEvaluator()
CollectionListModelRenamed to CollectionList.Model

Glazed Lists Features



Outstanding Issues in 1.0.0

261Sorting should have both 'live' and batch modes
140Potential DoS in Network Glazed Lists
225Multiple column sort is confusing and limited
249SWT VirtualTableHandler throws IndexOutOfBoundsException
247SWT Selection is broken on Mac

Issues Fixed Since 0.9.7

255SortedList cheats too much in indexOf(Object)
257CollectionList doesn't fire some remove events


Glazed Lists is distributed under your choice of two popular open source licenses, the LGPL and the MPL.

  • You may distribute Glazed Lists free of charge
  • You may use Glazed Lists in a commercial or closed source application
  • You may not create a closed-source fork of Glazed Lists
  • Developers

    Glazed Lists, Copyright © 2003-2005, O'Dell Engineering Ltd.