Glazed Lists Tutorial

Jesse Wilson

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Table of Contents

1. Basics
EventList, like ArrayList or Vector
JList, JComboBox and JTable: Widgets with models
A simple issue browser
So What?
2. Sorting, Tables & Sorting Tables
SortedList, a transformed list
Comparators, Comparable and SortedList
Using TableFormat to specify columns
The EventTableModel and TableComparatorChooser
So What?
3. Text Filtering
TextFilterList, TextFilterable and TextFilterator
Adding the TextFilterList and its filter widget
So What?
4. TransformedList and UniqueList
ListEvents and ListEventAssembler
TransformedList and ListEvents
Eliminating duplicates with UniqueList
So What?
5. EventSelectionModel and Custom Filter Lists
Custom filtering using Matchers
Dynamic filtering using MatcherEditors
So What?
6. Concurrency
Read/Write Locks
The Swing Event Dispatch Thread
Multithreading our IssuesBrowser
So What?
7. ThresholdList
The ThresholdEvaluator Interface
The ThresholdList BoundedRangeModel
Other Models
So What?