Glazed Lists 0.9.6 Release Notes

Glazed Lists 0.9.6 is a bug fix release that includes a powerful new filtering API and performance enhancements.

Glazed Lists Features



Outstanding Issues in 0.9.6

96Multiple sources for CollectionList
217ThresholdList fires inconsistent events
197SWT Virtual Table display values are wrong sometimes.
24Add DeltaList for consistency with derivatives of WritableMutationList
140Potential DoS in Network Glazed Lists

Issues Fixed Since 0.9.5

189AbstractEventList contains() throws NPE
205Grave error in BeanPropertyComparator
190EventSelectionModel fails to notify listeners
192Memory leak in ListEventAssembler
162Merge CompositeList and CollectionList
214ThreadProxyEventList doesn't
193EventListIterators can cause performance problems.
201BeanTableFormat does not work property for primitive types
206SortedList throws OutOfMemoryError if the Comparator is brok


Glazed Lists 0.9.6 is provided with no warranty under the LGPL license. The license allows you to distribute Glazed Lists free of charge in a commercial or closed source application. It does not allow you to create a fork of Glazed Lists that is closed-source.


Glazed Lists, Copyright © 2003-2005, O'Dell Engineering.