Glazed Lists 0.9.5 Release Notes

Glazed Lists 0.9.5 is a bug fix release that includes some new features. It also includes a few important changes to the API.

A toolkit for list transformations.


  • glazedlists-0.9.5.jar - a compiled jar file ready for your application's classpath.
  • - the 0.9.5 revision of the source tree. You'll find Ant targets for compiling, jaring, JUnit and generating Javadoc.


  • Tutorial
  • Javadoc API
  • FAQ

    Fixed Issues

    19Glazed lists on the network
    47Threshhold List
    106Collection extracting List
    111TableFormat should have a getColumnClass() method.
    115SWT TableComparatorChooser
    117SWT Table should be virtual
    118SWT TextFilterList should be as good as the Swing one
    119Comparators in a Factory
    147Swing JTable selection can result in a RuntimeException
    159Thread proxies should acquire read locks
    163SWT thread proxying is broken
    169RemoveAll() is broken
    170SortedList.indexOf fails for raw-order sortedlist
    183BeanProperty doesn't follow interfaces

    Known Issues

    126Bufferlo length is really slow
    96CompositeList does not support dependency management
    156NetworkList tests fail
    179Sorting icon disappears when clicking on a non-sortable column
    140Potential DoS in Network Glazed Lists


    Glazed Lists 0.9.5 is provided with no warranty under the LGPL license. The license allows you to distribute Glazed Lists free of charge in a commercial or closed source application. It does not allow you to create a fork of Glazed Lists that is closed-source


  • Jesse Wilson
  • Kevin Maltby
  • Rob Eden
    Glazed Lists, Copyright © 2003-2005 O'Dell Engineering.