Okio FileSystem Update

I’ve been working on a file system API for Kotlin Multiplatform. It’s simple & fast and I’m excited about it.

We’ve got these:

  • FileSystem.SYSTEM: the local file system.
  • FakeFileSystem: our in-memory implementation. Use checkNoOpenFiles() to be confident that your code doesn’t leak!
  • ForwardingFileSystem: like interceptors for files?!
  • ZipFileSystem: read any .zip or .jar file.
  • ResourceFileSystem: read classpath resources like they’re files.

To do zips we needed a random access API and so I added FileHandle. It integrates Okio’s Source and Sink APIs to support streaming within a file.

Tonight I released Okio 3.0.0-alpha.6. It wraps up all of the above in an unstable API.