OkHttp Certificate Pinning Vulnerability!

Bad news. When I added certificate pinning in OkHttp 2.1, I didn’t sanitize the server’s certificate chain. An attacker could exploit this weakness to defeat the protection offered by certificate pinning.

The vulnerability was disclosed to Square by security researcher John Kozyrakis. Whew! We fixed it in OkHttp 3.1.2, and backported that to OkHttp 2.7.4. Matthew McPherrin has requested a CVE for this vulnerability.

If you’re using OkHttp, you should upgrade to the latest version immediately! Staying up to date on OkHttp is a good idea – we track the latest HTTPS cipher suites & TLS versions to balance connectivity with security. It’s like keeping the browser up to date on your computer: staying current is the best way to stay safe.