Publishing Javadoc for GitHub Projects

I recently standardized the location of Javadoc for several of Square’s Java open source projects. Here’s a sample:

We post Javadoc for the latest release of each major version. Each artifact’s docs are published separately.

I wrote Osstrich to make this simple & repeatable. It copies Javadocs from Maven Central to GitHub Project Pages.

If you want to follow this pattern to document your own GitHub projects, release to Maven Central and create a gh-pages branch. Then run the following:

git clone
cd osstrich
mvn compile
mvn exec:java \
  -Dexec.mainClass=com.squareup.osstrich.JavadocPublisher \
  -Dexec.args="temp com.squareup.moshi"

In this example, Osstrich will download Javadoc for the latest com.squareup.moshi artifacts from Maven central and post ’em to the GitHub project.