Posting Images on GitHub's wiki

GitHub's wiki permits embedded images, but offers no UI to upload your own images. Here's how to do it from the command line.

Clone the Wiki's Git Repo

GitHub's wiki is itself a git repository. Clone it to your desktop using an SSH URL to make git push just work later. (This assumes you're already configured SSH keys with GitHub).

Here I'm editing the wiki for square/okhttp. Substitute square with your GitHub username or organization, and okhttp with your GitHub project.

git clone

Add the image

There's no pull requests or other process here. Just push master once you've added the image.

mv ~/Desktop/interceptors@2x.png ./
git add interceptors@2x.png
git commit -m "Add interceptors diagram."
git push

Embed the image

Raw wiki resources are web-accessible at The URL for my image is here and the corresponding markdown is this:

 ![Interceptors Diagram](

I edited my wiki on the web; editing it in the local git repository also works. Just don't forget to push.