iPhone Storage

John Gruber praises the iPhone's lack of upgradeable storage:
I simply don’t understand why Motorola doesn’t follow Apple’s lead and provide ample built-in storage rather than relying on removable SD cards.

He overlooks an obvious benefit of having SD cards for storage: they're cheaper! Compare what it costs to equip a device with a substantial amount of memory:
iPhone 3G SDroid

Apple has a long history of gouging its customers on non-upgradeable memory. 32GB of data is the maximum amount that iPhone users may accumulate. Droid users who have >32GB of data can shuffle multiple cards.
Maybe we need phones with two separate SD slots. One for applications, a second for data files. At any rate, there are valid concerns about the current state of Android storage. I do think people are too quick to assume Google is not aware of, or working on, solutions to the limited storage available to applications.
I think it is too much for the music so apply is continue to produce built-in memory. But I preferred external memory :)
Your helpful article made me look at this problem from another point of view...thanks for sharing..I will forward it to my friends...
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