Jesse and Kevin B help out with Java Posse #239

I love listening to The Java Posse. Back when they mentioned Glazed Lists on episode 76, I was majorly psyched. I ran home and played the relevant clip for my wife, who's usually annoyed at the amount of time I spend programming,
"See Jodie? See, see? I feel so proud of myself, having been referenced on my favourite show! They'll know of Glazed Lists across seven continents! Yay!"
Jodie, "Wow, my hubby is Internet-famous!" She was impressed, but only because I was.

On Wednesday, I did even better - I got airtime on the Posse! Kevin B and myself got to discuss the news with Dick, Carl, Joe and Tor on Episode 239. Everytime that I listen to the Posse, I always want to participate in the discussion. Well, I had a chance and it was a fairly lively episode.

You can hear me giggling at the jokes the whole way through. I probably shouldn't have giggled so much, but it's a habit from the previous 238 episodes. Keep up the fantastic work Java Posse.
Awesome! Looking forward to the next episode.
Did you see this Java Posse post? :)
Hi "internet celeb"! :-)

Just wanted to tell you we made a small "helper class" for creating a glazed lists table format "on-the-fly" from annotations in business object class.

It's as easy as this:
TableFormatCreator.create(Address.class, Locale.ENGLISH)

You'll find the full example here: