Correctness and my wife

I do this really annoying thing when I'm hanging out with my wife. I correct her when she uses the "wrong" words...

We're walking around town when we see something out of the ordinary - like a humongous fat dog or a friendly hobo or a police chase.
Her: "That was random"
Me: "It was unexpected. Nothing really random about it."
Her: "Ohhkayyy programmer boy. It was random. Get over it.

Our apartment is in a bit of a ghetto. So we're lying in bed and we can hear another loud argument between the neighbours downstairs. That couple has one of those dramatic relationships and they break out in yelling one night every month or so.
Me: Jodie, why are you so anxious? Get some sleep, gotta wake up early in the morning!
Her: "I can't sleep. I'm worried."
Me: "About what?"
Her: "Lots of abstract things. For example, I'm worried that she'll pull a gun on him, and they'll shoot a bullet through the ceiling, and it will hit me!"
Me: "Huh? That's not going to happen. And if it would, it would totally hit you in the ass and then you'd have a cool story."
Her: "But I'm a worrier. I always worry about abstract things like that."
Me: "That's not abstract. It's imaginary! You're worrying about something very explicit and vivid. An abstract worry might be about say, your happiness or the future. But not getting shot in the ass. That's just imaginary."
Her: "Ohhkayyy programmer boy. It was random. Get over it.

As you can see, I'm clearly getting all caught up in anal-retentive word usage and it drives Jodie crazy. I think it's cause I read code all day and argue with my coworkers whether the method should be named safeSubstring() or lenientSubstring(). She was surprised to hear that as somebody who uses computer languages all day, I spend a lot of time thinking about words from English.

I gotta stop code-reviewing our conversations.
This is totally funny. I correct my friends on chat and it totally pisses them off.
Calling a worry imaginary seems a bit tautological, though ;-)
I'm w/ Jodie on the word "random" in that context--valid slang.
+1 for Jodie.
Her worries are not imaginary they are classes without an instance. Given the description, I'd prefer them left as abstract and w/o implementation. :)
Ha! My girlfriend always uses the phrase "sweating like a pig", and this happens:

She: I was sweating like a pig after my exercise class!
Me: Pigs don't sweat.

At this point, she expects it and chimes in, like Costello in Who's On First.
Ahhh...the joys of marriage!
Lol. Correctness comes naturally to programmers precisely for the reason you mention. We have to think about naming all day long and be obsessive compulsive about it. However I normally just correct people in my head as they probably wouldn't want to hear about it :)
Cool post, made me laugh. Very refreshing.