Guice wins Jolt Award!

From the Guice User's group,

Congratulations Bob, Kevin and the rest of the Guice team! Guice beat out rival Spring and several other worthy projects to win the 2008 Jolt Award for libraries and tools.

It was great to see the guys win - they deserve to be recognized for their hard work.

The award is also good news for Google's open source effort. It confirms Guice as a top-tier open source project, and encourages them to invest more in open source. Plus, the award should help to put some momentum into the development of Guice 2.0.

I'm looking forward to seeing Kevin & Bob's picture in an upcoming issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal. In the picture, they're holding the award: a giant can of Jolt encased in lucite. The award may also be recognized on one of the Google blogs.
Congratulations to the Guice-Team! I like to use Guice in my projects, it is fast and (if you know how) easy to use. Keep up the good work!

Siegfried Bolz