Who holds the remote control?

I have a DVR built into the receiver for my Canadian satellite dish. It's fantastic. I love being able to record Canadian football games and to do my own instant-replays when I see something great.

Tonight I'm home alone - Jodie's out shopping in San Francisco. When I got home, I immediately collapsed on the couch to veg out in front of the TV. But when I turned it on, I discovered that one of Jodie's shows is being recorded. And since our set-top-box only has a single tuner, I can't really watch anything else.

It's like the TiVo* lets her hold the remote control, even when she's gone!
Well, a PVR without two tuners is in effect useless.

The PVR from my cable provider has two tuners. And as an added value, DVB-C channels seem to be broadcasted in muxes, so I can still watch a third channel while recording two, given that either the two recordings are from the same mux block, or I get a limited set of channels to watch from the two mux blocks tuned for recording.