CorelDraw on Mac discussion forums

Long before I was writing code, I liked to play with the CorelDRAW graphics suite. Unfortunately, Corel abandoned the Mac market five years ago!

I've blogged some tips and tricks on getting CorelDRAW to run on new Macs. And a lot of people searched for them on Google and commented on them! Since I'm not the only one holding tight to this old software, I took a couple hours and setup a Google Group:

Welcome to,
a support group for fans of CorelDRAW and the Mac.

I used to really love CorelDraw back in its heyday, but eventually lost interest with buggy upgrades, the company lost focus, etc. Anyway, you might give Xara a shot. That's what I use these days. It is a vector-based graphics editor, and is really good. It *looks* simplistic, but that's only because they did such a brilliant job with a direct manipulation GUI that eliminates most floating palettes and dialogs. I use a commercial version, but they are in the process of porting it to Linux and Mac, where it is free. I like to promote Xara because a lot of people have never heard of it.