Beans binding is getting simpler and better

I've kind of had a love-hate attitude towards the JSR-295 Beansbinding project:
  • love: observable lists in the JDK
  • hate: the observable lists' events are not fine-grained
  • love: binding in the JDK
  • hate: it requires EL, a technique lifted from JSP to embed Java-like syntax in strings

    Well today, I love the project much more. Shannon Hickey has posted his plan to introduce a Property interface and to simplify binding by formalizing it as simply a managed relationship between two properties.

    This change is going to make the project great! And I think that Beansbinding is going to become very important beyond Swing thanks to this change. Great work, Shannon.
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    Hey Jesse,

    A little late (6 months!), but I thought you may be interested in an Open Source project I'm starting: it helps automate Beans Binding.

    If you could spare the time to take a look at it...

    ...any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,