Upcoming Glazed Lists talks

James and myself will be giving a couple talks on Glazed Lists over the next couple months. I'm very excited about the opportunity, but I'm also nervous - doing a good talk is a lot of work!

We'll be talking at Desktop Matters on Friday March 9. This is a single day conference focused on rich-client Java apps. If you're writing such an app, there won't be a better opportunity to get caught-up on the latest tools and technologies.

And in May, we've been accepted to give a talk at JavaOne. This talk will be a bit longer than the DesktopMatters talk so we'll be able to provide more background information and discuss our latest features in more depth.

If you're working on a Swing app and you're using Glazed Lists, consider asking your boss for a pass to either of these conferences.
Congratulations on the J1 acceptance -- I wish I could be there.
Hey Jesse that's cool. I've never mentioned to you before but I really appreciated Glazed Lists in my last Swing project. The UI changed many times, but I found that Glazed Lists reduced the number of changes to the data model and also helped me throw together the new UI.
Hey Jesse that's cool. I'm sure your sessions will be well attended.
Is the Desktop Matters talk available for download somewhere?
The Desktop Matters talk isn't available online. Our talk was quite dynamic so posting the slides won't be overly helpful either.

Fortunately, the JavaOne slides will be posted.
Update! A link to the Desktop Matters slides has been posted here.