JDiff - a great tool for managing API changes

Today I was working on upgrading our test infrastructure to the latest EasyMock. Since we've got lots of tests that make extensive use of EasyMock, I needed a tool to give me a 'heads up' on the potential problems I would face.

JDiff Screenshot
JDiff is just that tool. I simply edited JDiff's example build.xml file with the paths to each version of EasyMock. Then I ran ant and JDiff generated a Javadoc-style report outlining the differences between the two APIs.

In this particular case, the report told me that EasyMock now uses varargs for its replay(), reset() and verify() methods - so I'll need to recompile my code when I do the upgrade.

JDiff is a simple tool that does one thing very well. I highly recommend it.
Cool tool!

But speaking of replay(), reset(), you should do yourself a favour and check out Mokito: