Javac bug: the order of imports is significant

The following Java code does something slightly weird - it statically imports a symbol that is defined in the same file. Although it's a little unconventional, it should be perfectly legal:

package com.publicobject.dinosaurs;

import static com.publicobject.dinosaurs.Dinosaur.GeologicPeriod.CRETACEOUS;
import static com.publicobject.dinosaurs.Dinosaur.GeologicPeriod.TRIASSIC;
import static com.publicobject.dinosaurs.Dinosaur.GeologicPeriod.JURASSIC;
import com.publicobject.time.Period;

public class Dinosaur {

private Period period;
private String name;

public static class GeologicPeriod extends Period {
public static final GeologicPeriod TRIASSIC = new GeologicPeriod(-251, -199.6, "Triassic");
public static final GeologicPeriod JURASSIC = new GeologicPeriod(-199.6, -145.5, "Jurassic");
public static final GeologicPeriod CRETACEOUS = new GeologicPeriod(-145.5, -65.5, "Cretaceous");

private String name;

public GeologicPeriod(double startAsMillionYears, double endAsMillionYears, String name) {
super(startAsMillionYears, endAsMillionYears); = name;

public Dinosaur(Period period, String name) {
this.period = period; = name;

public boolean isJurassic() {
return period.overlaps(JURASSIC);

public boolean isTriassic() {
return period.overlaps(TRIASSIC);

public boolean isCretaceous() {
return period.overlaps(CRETACEOUS);

...except that this Java code does not compile! It fails with a bizarre error, Javac is not able to find the Period class:
/Users/jessewilson/Dinosaurs/IntellijProject/source/com/publicobject/dinosaurs/ cannot find symbol
symbol : class Period
location: class com.publicobject.Dinosaur
public static class GeologicPeriod extends Period {

If I rearrange the imports, moving the import of the Period class ot the top, the code compiles.
Someone has already submitted a bug parade issue on this defect.