Don't buy from, they're spammers!

Shortly after registering a domain, I got an unsolicited email from, offering to host my domain with them.

Unsolicited commercial email is spam, and is a spammer!

Avoid doing business with
My web host is, who I'm very happy with.
They also have a referral program - if you sign up with the promo code JESSE, you save $87 and I get $10 off my annual hosting fees. Or use the code PUBLICOBJECT to save the full $97.
i also bought a hosting with THEYRE MORE THAN A SPAMMER THEY ARE A FRADULENT COMPANY. can you imagine, i ordered a hosting with them for 1 yr, the package comes a free domain so i get one domain. now when im about to change host i requested a refund frm them because there are still about 4 unused months since they charged to my credit card the whole annual fee. to my very surprise they sent me a calculation that involves handling fee, processing fee and all other fees that in turn my refund amount is already in negative value. and the MOST HORRIBLE THING, they will charge me for the domain that was initially been given free or shld i say part of the package. they explain that since im moving out frm them they will charge to me the domain name. up until now i never got a refund
I am extremely happy with and have bought hosting off them for over 5 years.
Pete Smith, Australia