Corel Draw 11 crashing on Mac OS X? I have tips!

Last night I ran software update on my Mac Book Pro, bringing me up to Mac OS X 10.4.6. And today? Corel Draw 11 crashes on startup!
Thread 2: Crashed (0xb7fffabc, 0x82fc9d1f)
0x8387196c: /Applications/CorelDRAW 11/Required/Programs/MacUtilities.DLL.cfm/Contents/MacOS/MacUtilities.DLL [CFM] : + 0x896c
0x83870ea4: /Applications/CorelDRAW 11/Required/Programs/MacUtilities.DLL.cfm/Contents/MacOS/MacUtilities.DLL [CFM] : + 0x7ea4
0x8393572c: /Applications/CorelDRAW 11/Required/Programs/MacPort.DLL.cfm/Contents/MacOS/MacPort.DLL [CFM] : + 0xae72c
0x83938118: /Applications/CorelDRAW 11/Required/Programs/MacPort.DLL.cfm/Contents/MacOS/MacPort.DLL [CFM] : + 0xb1118
0x7c117a98: /Applications/CorelDRAW 11/Required/Programs/CrlUtl.DLL [CFM] : + 0xe1a98
0x7c1133a4: /Applications/CorelDRAW 11/Required/Programs/CrlUtl.DLL [CFM] : + 0xdd3a4
0x7c3246b0: /Applications/CorelDRAW 11/Required/Programs/Draw.DLL [CFM] : + 0x1736b0
0x7c31c91c: /Applications/CorelDRAW 11/Required/Programs/Draw.DLL [CFM] : + 0x16b91c
0x7c36db28: /Applications/CorelDRAW 11/Required/Programs/Draw.DLL [CFM] : + 0x1bcb28
0x83bfba80: /Applications/CorelDRAW 11/CorelDRAW 11 [CFM] : + 0xa80
0x83bfbba0: /Applications/CorelDRAW 11/CorelDRAW 11 [CFM] : + 0xba0
0x83bfb944: /Applications/CorelDRAW 11/CorelDRAW 11 [CFM] : + 0x944

Corel Draw 11 iconFortunately, I've been in this situation before. Today's solution is a natural one: go to /Users/jessewilson/Library/ and delete the folder named CorelDRAW 11 Preferences. Then launch Corel Draw 11.

If you're having other problems starting Corel Draw, there's a variety of ways to revive the now-unsupported graphics application:
  • Adding a printer, any printer
  • Pressing SHIFT while the app starts
  • Updating to CorelDraw 11.693

    It's really unfortunate that Corel abandoned the Mac market. I've been using Corel Draw since version 3, and I fear the day I have to give in and learn Illustrator.
  • Update - CorelDraw 11 works on Intel macs without anything other than the tips posted here.
    Thank You for the tip!!!!!!

    I got my power book g4 working with corel draw 11 again with adding a printer.
    the problem appeared after updating the system to 10.4.8.

    great! thanks once more!
    Great tip about adding a printer!! You are a lifesaver, thank you so much. I had to do this on my new MacBook Pro.
    Great tip about adding a printer. I would not have guessed that ever, then would have been puzzled why it starting working when I got around to adding one. Thank you so much. By the way, I had to do this on a new MacBook Pro OSX 10.4.8. Thanks!!
    Cheers for the tip about the printer bruv! Your a life saver! Im pretty sure there is a place reserved in heaven for you! Keep up the good work! May be we should petition corel to do a new version / update for intel macs?

    (OSX 10.4.8 MacIntel) lol :-) sounds like MacIntosh!
    i tried this and it still wont open. The preference folder just keeps coming back when I start corel draw up again. Any ideas?
    I have been a CorelDraw user since 3 also and have been trying to learn Illustrator, but for me, CorelDraw is just easier, more logical and has better shortcut keys. Plus I know it, so if I want to get something done efficiently (which is every illustration) I end up back on CorelDraw 7. If I can get 11 to work on this macbook pro, I will probably never upgrade the MAC OS unless it remains compatible.
    Rick - it works on the latest Mac OS X, as long as you have a printer installed somewhere. When Leopard comes out, I'll surely do whatever is necessary to keep CorelDraw alive on it...
    I also have been using Corel since version 3 on a PC.
    I have just ordered a new Mac book pro (should arrive any day) and am keen to keep using Corel, can you advise the best option for me to take?

    Would it be to buy an old version of Corel 11 for Mac and update from the Corel site?
    Reading the comments above, does there need to be a printer physically attached to the laptop or can the driver just be installed?
    Thanks in advance.
    Yeah, try and find an old version of CorelDraw 11 online. You don't need a physical printer attached, just the driver installed.
    Brilliant! Just go to `printer setup utility` found via spotlight, and add a `printer`, any, i chose the first printer name, `adobe pdf` and voila! Corel draw 11 pops up!

    macbookpro, on 10.4.9
    I have a new imac (bought 1 week ago) with intel core 2 duo, 2,4Ghz,etc... I can not install Corel Draw 11 at all. Please help me out as I need it for my work!

    thanks, Teris.
    Does Leopard run Corel 11 ok? This will make an upgrade choice very easy for me = )
    yeah, i'm also wondering if DRAW 11 will work on Leopard. i'm a bit nervous to upgrade.
    Yes, I did a fresh install of Corel 11 and it works on Leopard.
    I just upgraded to Leopard and my CorelDraw 11 is constantly going "beach ball",like it's working with very little memory.

    Also, my Acrobat Distiller printer is gone.

    Any Ideas??
    Does anyone have any insight on Corel 11 with Leopard?

    Any help or advise would be great!
    Hello I am trying to install corel 11 on my imac 2,4 ghz with leopard, but installation does not start at all... please help I need it desperately!
    Ok I finally managed to install Corel 11 on my imac with leopard. The trick was to change the language to english and not my native one on my mac. hope this is helpfull for others too.
    4/7/08 Tried migrating Corel Draw 11 upgrade from old Windows box to new Macbook Pro with Leopard 10.5.2. Installation wouldn't recognize upgrade serial number, called Corel support & got two different numbers to try including a "universal key", neither one worked. Support guy told me it seems to be hit-or-miss with Corel and Leopard, some folks get it going, some don't. I've got a printer installed and English is the language. Any more tips or tricks? I sure do want to use it - my favorite graphics package.
    I. LOVE. YOU.

    Thanks a bunch. Adding a random IPP printer worked like a charm.
    WOW. You saved my professional life! I mean it. Corel Draw 11 was crashing on me when I was trying to save my work every single time no matter what. This all happened after I upgraded to Leopard. So I went ahead and deleted the Corel Draw Preferences folder (although the path was a little different from what you posted) and Voila! It works and it doesn't crash anymore when I try to save. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!
    Hello Igot a problem with polish keyboard I can't write polish letters as: ążżźęó.....
    could you help me?
    is there possibility to open coreldraw12 files at coreldraw11?
    Thank You So Much!!!!
    I've been trying to make it works in the last months and the solution was deleting the preferences folder!!

    Really this will work for an intel mac?

    Incredible. This will change everything for me too.

    I love macs & corel

    Thanks in advance ~ gonna try to install now.
    Do I need boot camp or can i just install from corel 11 disk?

    i thought version 10 was the last version that could be installed on a mac?

    thank you
    No bootcamp necessary.
    You guys are awesome! I recently installed Corel 11 and couldn't figure out why it crashed.
    The printer solution is priceless.

    You are right about Corel being more logical than Illustrator, BTW.
    Thanks a lot for this solution.