James' Screencasts in the IDEA Blog

Today's IntelliJ blog makes mention of the Glazed Lists screencasts, and how they use IntelliJ. Fantastic! Some lovin' from our Swing-commanding friends at JetBrains is always welcome.

We're gearing down towards a new Glazed Lists rev, with a whole bunch of new functionality and the bugs that come with it. I'm frustrated 'cause I don't have a massive project staring me in the face with interesting problems for Glazed Lists to solve! Perhaps if I'm not doing Swing work at El Goog, I'll dig in and start a rich client project!

In other news, has a refresh. It's currently ultra simple - but I've got ideas and this is my starting point!
I pretty much use GlazedLists for most projects that use a JTable, as if nothing else, I get decent sorting.

Swinglabs has been doing work here, and this , as I'm sure you know has been filtering into Mustang. Swing will have another trick up its sleve though: not only will it sort/filter tables, but trees too.

I have a project where it would be extremely useful to have tree filtering. Maybe that's a future avenue for GlazedLists to explore.