A free SVG for HP iPod tattoos

As seen elsewhere, HP makes these great stickers called "HP Printable Tatoos for your iPod".

For your convenience, you can download template.svg, a template I created for building custom iPod skins in Corel Draw or Illustrator.

Some tips:
  • Skins are $20 for ten. That's quite expensive. If you make use of this, be sure to create skins for all your friends! They probably make great spontaneous gifts.
  • Don't forget to delete the template's outlines before printing your skin!
  • When doing your design, draw beyond the edges of the skin. This is to allow for 'bleed', which just means that you'll guarantee that you don't have white borders on your printout.

    The skins look great! I'm not sure how long it'll last, but I'm very satisfied with my Saskatchewan Roughriders iPod!
  • what type of adhesive back paper do you print it on. I have these full sheet 1-up labels I can print on but not sure if they are perminant or not. Please let me know.
    post a picture of your Riders iPod! I'd love to see it.