A FilterList for sale

Here at O'Dell Engineering, we are continuously looking to find a way to recoup the costs of developing Glazed Lists. We've had two more ideas, both of which I think are decent:
  • Sell the MBean that publishes NetworkLists from within JBoss.
  • Sell a FilterList that works like TextFilterList, but with dates, field-specification and syntax hilighting

    These are just ideas. Would developers buy?
  • How about adding something to your license to say "A donation of $NN or more is requested if you use GlazedLists in a commercial product."

    Charging for optimizations that help with large lists might be a good idea. I have a prototype application that sorts and filters a lot of data and it seems like some of the GUI/Control events could be deferred until after a new sort or filter is applied... Then boom, redraw the new list. (What I see is all items being removed then added back in--so the scrollbar thumb size changes for each item removed and added..) But that could just be that I have something implemented wrong.. again, I'd pay a few bucks to get a little eyeball time.