The inconsistencies of the SWT.FILL style

It seems like there's no shortage of unusual behaviours to be found in SWT. The most recent one that I've come across is the behaviour associated with the SWT.FILL style. Consider the layout found in the GlazedLists demo. Laying out the interface in a single GridLayout puts two Tables above one another. Those Tables should both be styled so that they grab excess vertical space and have the SWT.FILL style applied. This is a requirement so that they are rendered correctly when the window is resized.

When the demo is initially created, it renders correctly. The tables are sized fairly evenly. However, as soon as the window is resized, the lower Table implodes never to return. It's easy enough to expect this behaviour. If two or more widgets are contending for free space in the layout, the only two outcomes are either the first one wins and takes all or they should all share space evenly. The real problem is not how the widgets contend for space. The real problem is that that contention is different on initialization than it is on future resizings.

Just another bullet in the list of things that make SWT trying to use.