Docbook and a Glazed Lists Profit Model

I think that Glazed Lists has to be open source for the project to be successful. Currently the project progresses because of the charity of myself, Kevin Maltby, James Lemieux, and O'Dell Engineering Ltd. Although these contributions are voluntary, I think that we need a profit strategy for the project. The project doesn't need to make anybody rich but it should pay for itself.

Meanwhile, I'm planning on revising the project tutorial for the upcoming 1.0 release. I've decided to switch to Docbook, which is the ideal hacker's publishing tool. Docbook exports 'real documents' like paper and PDF and people have been known to pay for these things.

Should I write a Glazed Lists book and sell it, then use that money to further finance Glazed Lists?

I think the book is a very clean profit strategy:
  • Everyone can convince their boss to drop $40 on a book
  • Still open source in its purest form
  • Encourages further documentation on the project

    But it has its downsides:
  • I'd have to write a book
  • Would enough people buy it to justify its expense (in terms of my time)

    I think I'll wait for the big 1 dot owe, and then give this some further thought.
  • I'd by the book out of my own pocket. I read somewhere that tech authors can't live off the money they make with tech books. It's all about fame, increasing the author's market value and so on. So, maybe, the book wouldn't actually help.

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    Certainly easy to get boss to buy a "book" than to pay for software. I'm all for charging for a book, not not just for documentation.