Shiny! Drawing XP icons

Today I tried for a few hours to get Xandros to burn some DVDs on my new burner. It was grumpy so after two DVD-coasters I threw in the towel and installed Windows XP. It's a decent alternative to Linux but it has a crappy shell and its SMB client sucks.

While I was waiting I drew up some pretty sort-arrow indicator icons for Glazed Lists. Look at the screenshots to see my handywork. I've wasted a lot of time on drawing icons for all the various look & feels, but the result looks professional.

In my comparison I have analyzed how JDNC did their JTableHeader. They've done a lot of work on adding anti-aliasing, plus their right-aligned icons look great. Unfortunately they also blew away the platform-specific header backgrounds! This is particularly obvious in the XP theme. Hopefully Sun can talk to Sun and they can get that straightened out.

Finally I must complain that Swing's UIManager doesn't let you know which look and feel you're using. Try to differentiate between old-skool metal and ocean, or grey-and-grey Windows 95 and lickable Luna in code. It's hard. I've written code that does that and now I wonder if I should make it available online or something.