IBM developerWorks "TableModel Free" looks too familiar

From I found a link to TableModel Free, a framework that allows you to "Free yourself from the burden of the TableModel".

TableModel Free reminds me of Glazed Lists:
  • Decorators are used to make the Java Collections observable.
  • It includes a TableModel that observes such a collection to display it in a JTable.
  • It allows the developer to use the same collection for JTable, JList and JComboBox.

    Fortunately, I have nothing to worry about. TableModel Free does not come close to Glazed Lists' functionality:
  • No sorting, filtering or other transformation support
  • No concurrency support
  • No selection support. Add one element to my list, all selection in my JTable is lost
  • No editing support. Tables are view-only.
  • No consideration of performance. When a collection is changed, the entire JTable must be repainted

    And the final problem is that TableModel Free requires you to create XML files for your tables!

    At least today brings some good news. The fine hackers at Id have released Doom 3 on Linux.